Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 2

Atlanta Hawks/Indiana Pacers: Game 1

–       This matchup just barely edges out Bulls/Nets as least intriguing first round series, in my opinion.

–       The Hawks seem to know they have no shot at the NBA Finals, and they’re just going to play like it. Not a lot of effort.

–       Paul George messed around and got himself a triple double. I wonder if anyone’s ever put together a stat line like that with such an awful shooting day (3-13). **UPDATE** Answer provided by TNT post game. Lowest ever shooting percentage in a playoff triple double.

–       Free throw discrepancy will be a big talking point. George shot more (18) than the whole Hawks team (14).

Los Angeles Lakers/San Antonio Spurs: Game 1

–       No Tracy McGrady today. The wait continues…

–       Wouldn’t think Matt Bonner would get so many postseason minutes, but with Boris Diaw’s injury, the Spurs need the size. He filled in admirably.

–       Mike D’Antoni gets a bad wrap for running players into the ground. Now he has no choice because the Lakers have no bench.

–       Manu Ginobili comes back with a fury. Not a bad game for Tony Parker either. Seems like the Spurs may have just been trolling everyone with their ugly play down the stretch of the regular season.

–       Not a bad defensive effort from the Lakers, which was their problem all year, but now, without Kobe, the offense sputters. Can’t really see how they have a shot in this series.

Milwaukee Bucks/Miami Heat: Game 1

–       Brandon Jennings clearly wants to back up his prediction that the Bucks win in 6, but too bad there’s only one of him. Important note: I don’t fault Jennings for what he said. He’s just trying to motivate a sub-.500 team with very little hope. Have to respect him for that.

–       It would be nice to be able to give the MVP to someone else, but I mean really…

–       Bucks have a pretty deep rotation of decent guys, but the Heat are just on another level.

–       The Heat didn’t even need it, but what a bonus it is to have Chris “Birdman” Andersen playing like he is.

–       Glad this game wrapped up early. I can get in tonight’s Game of Thrones before the Thunder game starts!

Houston Rockets/Oklahoma City Thunder: Game 1

–       The Rockets actually have some decent young talent on their roster not named Lin or Harden. Their time is coming if they stay together, but it’s not now. I think Houston is actually a smart destination for Dwight Howard. If that happens, the Rockets could be really good, really soon.

–       Rockets are great at embracing the role of “young guys with nothing to lose,” which makes for some interesting moments, might even steal a game or two, but the Thunder know how to handle it. They’ve been that team before.

–       I’ve said it ever since the start of “Linsanity,” but Jeremy Lin won’t be a true point guard until he cuts down on the turnovers and makes smarter decisions. Show off that Harvard education!

–       Blowout. All Game 1’s go to the home teams. All games today won by double digits. Ho hum. Let’s hope for some more exciting games tomorrow.