Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 3

Chicago Bulls/Brooklyn Nets: Game 2

–       The line for this game was Brooklyn -5. The line for Game 1 was Brooklyn -4.5. The beat down the Nets gave the Bulls in the first game was only enough to move the line a half a point. I guess that shows you that Vegas thinks the Bulls will have a much better showing. I have $10 that disagrees.

–       If Brook Lopez can make his outside shot consistently, he has a very bright future ahead of him.

–       Reggie Evans is annoying in a very comical way. His two purposes in life are to get under the skin of his opponents and rebound.

–       Sad that everyone who spent the last couple of days writing about how awesome Deron Williams is (myself included) now has to write some sort of retraction.

–       Finally we get a road win. I lost my $10.

Memphis Grizzlies/Los Angeles Clippers: Game 2

–       Glad we at least get a couple dunks in this game.

–       Mike Conley has really matured a lot. He looks like a true NBA point guard out there.

–       This game didn’t feel like the Grizzlies should be in it, but yet it comes down to the wire.

–       Finally, an exciting game. It seems like it’s been forever since Andre Miller’s game winner.

–       That’s how you win a game, folks. The Grizzlies look stunned. It’s going to take a lot to come back from that. They battled to stay in the whole game, tie it at the end, and Chris Paul just squashes all hope.