Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 5

Houston Rockets/Oklahoma City Thunder: Game 2

–       I think even if this game is a blowout tonight, I’ll stick with it. It’s just so much more appealing to me than Hawks/Pacers.

–       Chandler Parsons is not a name I thought I would have heard much after his college days, but he’s found a solid role with this Rockets team. Athletic white guys that can jump are fun to watch.

–       You just can’t hope to outscore the Thunder. If you try and match them bucket for bucket, eventually you’re going to go cold and they’re going to capitalize. They never take the foot off the gas.

–       Of course, later in the game, the Thunder go ice cold and let the Rockets go on a 21-2 run over 6 minutes.

–       You have to respect the Rockets for not giving up and battling back into this game. A lot of young teams would just quit once they fall behind by that much late in the game.

–       If the Rockets could just cut down on their turnovers, they could probably take a game or two in this series. 16 of them tonight.

–       You can always put your trust in Kevin Durant. Down 2, Durant hits a three then dribble penetrates and kicks to a wide open Thabo Sefolosha for another three. He also had a nice transition block in there too.

–       I would guess this series comes back to OKC for a game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t.

Atlanta Hawks/Indiana Pacers: Game 2

–       Interesting note about refereeing discrepancy: I just watched Greg Smith throw down a dunk in the Rockets/Thunder game and get a technical foul for staring down Serge Ibaka. A few minutes later, Gerald Green throws down a sick dunk over Josh Smith in this game and goes out of his way to stare at Al Horford, but no call by the refs. In my opinion, how do you not show a little emotion after a dunk on somebody? Let them play.

–       David West’s ridiculous full court inbounds pass to end the third quarter is better than any pass I’ve ever seen Tim Tebow throw. Ever.

–       I’m really looking forward to a Knicks/Pacers second round. I actually wish both teams could get a crack at the Heat too.

–       Wish I had more analysis for this game, but honestly, I paid much more attention to the other one.

–       Pacers have the energy and drive. They’re ready for bigger and better things, and pull away for another big win at home.

Los Angeles Lakers/San Antonio Spurs: Game 2

–       If I were the Lakers, I’d have Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard on the court together as much as possible. Seems to cause more matchup problems and Howard gets better looks at the basket, especially when Matt Bonner is on him.

–       I still can’t tell you what the Spurs have in Kawhi Leonard. Some days he’s a defensive stopper, others he’s hitting shots and dunking all over the place. He’s definitely going to be something special though.

–       Sign of a great team is closing out quarters strong. Spurs close out first on a 10-3 run and second on 13-4. Letting it happen just shows lack of discipline by Lakers.

–       I understand the talent that Dwight Howard brings, but sometimes he makes the dumbest decisions. Plowing through the lane with your shoulder down when you have three fouls with 8 minutes left in the third quarter is just stupid.

–       Good call by Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili to take turns having their “comeback” games. Other teams are going to have no choice but to start fearing the Spurs again.

–       Not sure what adjustments the Lakers can make. They’re not playing badly, they’re just overmatched.