Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 8

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images/ZimbioBrooklyn Nets/Chicago Bulls: Game 4

–       Feel like this series has been impossible to predict because we do not know which Bulls team will show up.

–       Finally got a “fight” in the playoffs. Not the series I would have predicted, but I will take it!

–       Nate Robinson is singlehandedly bringing the Bulls back in this game. My NBA history is not good, but has there ever been a better performance by a player off the bench? I know Goran Dragic scored a ton against the Spurs in the fourth quarter of a playoff game a few years ago, but the magnitude was not this big.

–       I guess Deron Williams is no Chris Paul. Actually, by that (misguided) logic, Williams is no Andre Miller either.

–       First overtime game of this postseason! Bulls and Nets trying to match the excitement bar set by the Warriors and Nuggets. This time it is the Bulls with a ridiculous comeback, but they are able to finish it off and hold on to force OT.


–       Fitting that shot would go in for Robinson. I guess we can say Deron Williams is no Nate Robinson now as well.

–       I guess Deron Williams is no Joe Johnson either. This is getting old, but I have committed myself to this joke, and I will not stop as long as someone keeps hitting shots down the stretch.

–       The MVP of the third overtime goes to… Nazr Mohammed? Wouldn’t have guessed that.

–       Bulls win and after looking like they might get swept after Game 1, they now have a 3-1 stranglehold on the series.

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images/ZimbioLos Angeles Clippers/Memphis Grizzlies: Game 4

–       For obvious reasons, commentary on this game starts after halftime.

–       Looking at the first half box score, it looks like Zach Randolph is having another solid game and Chris Paul is leading the way for the Clippers.

–       Defensive Player of the Year? Marc Gasol is lighting it up on the offensive end in the second half today.

–       I had high hopes for this game coming down to the wire, but an impressive run by the Grizzlies puts it out of reach early.

–       Still no home losses, so the series is still up in the air. Last year both teams won a game on the road when facing elimination, so still a lot left to be said in this series.

–       I am very impressed when teams fall down 0-2 and battle back to even. Shows that they are not ready to just give up. Memphis has high resolve.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images/ZimbioIndiana Pacers/Atlanta Hawks: Game 3

–       Big test for the Hawks to see if they have the same resolve as the Grizzlies to bounce back and give the Pacers a series.

–       You really only need to watch the last play of the first half to understand how it went. Devin Harris gets an inbound with six seconds left, and drives the length of the floor without getting stopped by anyone and gets a layup. Hawks just having their way in the first half.

–       In the past, as a general betting principle, I usually bet on the Hawks at home and against them on the road. They are like the Utah Jazz, a totally different team home and away.

–       I remember writing at the beginning of the season how the Hawks were Josh Smith’s team now that Joe Johnson left. Tonight they look more like Al Horford’s team.

–       Not much to say about this game. Blowout from start to finish. Just like any team that wins their first two home games, the Pacers really only need to win one on the road. We will see if they can put this game behind them and move on for Game 4.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images/ZimbioOklahoma City Thunder/Houston Rockets: Game 3

–       Today TNT showed Russell Westbrook doing the exact same thing to Jeremy Lin in a previous game that Patrick Beverley did to him in Game 2 that resulted in his injury. I hope that helps take some of the hatred away from Beverley.

–       Looks like Kevin Durant is totally ready to pick up the slack. Ever since Westbrook came into the league, people have wondered if maybe he might be holding Durant back. Now is the first time we actually get to find out.

–       The Thunder came out fired up, really eager to prove that one player does not determine their success. They clearly do not want to get written off as championship contenders.

–       I cannot believe the Rockets came back again. The Thunder are supposed to be the experienced guys who get a lead and keep it.

–       Props to the crowd in Houston. They are really into this game and you can tell it is helping.

–       A very timely shooter’s roll for Durant. Man, that ball bounced high.

–       Tough, tough loss for the Rockets. Pretty clear they wanted at least one game in this series. They battled all the way back to lose to Kevin Durant’s sick roll. Just rough.