Regarding getting posterized, Pistons’ Knight says he’ll do it again

It was the dunk heard around the world when Clippers' DeAndre Jordan absolutely, positively crushed Pistons' Brandon Knight. It might end up the dunk of the year and when it happened, many thought why on Earth would Knight even think about challenging Jordan at the rim.

For Jordan and Knight it up them on the map for this 2012-13 NBA season but for different reasons. However, Knight responded to the dunk and without pulling any punches, said if he was in the same position again, he'd do it all over again when talking with Detroit GM Joe Dumars.

Why I like how Joe Dumars and Brandon Knight do their jobs: Dumars, talking to Knight about contesting DeAndre Jordan's dunk (which became a sensation among those impressed by a 7-footer crushing a dunk on a 6'3" guard), told Knight, "I'm proud of you and I'd expect nothing less." Knight's response: "If I had the chance to do it again, I would."
You got to love Knight's response. Here is a guy who got humiliated on epic proportions and became the butt of jokes for a few days. But like a true competitor, he would not back down again. This shows grit, hustle and a commitment to the team which should put a smile on Detroit fans.
Not many players would risk any further risk of humiliation so kudos to Knight.
Moreover, Pistons' coaching staff will like hearing Brandon is ready to get back on the saddle on the defensive end after being tossed off the proverbial horse. Or in this case the proverbial Clipper.