Report: NBA and Chris Hansen discussing Seattle expansion

You have to hand it to Chris Hansen: the man will not rest until the NBA has returned to Seattle.

He moved closer to getting some rest with a report that surfaced on Wednesday explaining how Hansen and fellow principal investor Steve Ballmer have apparently engaged in "productive talks" with the league to bring an expansion NBA team to Seattle after the group's failure to purchase the Sacramento Kings.

Remember that whole fiasco?

Fans around the league were not sure whether to pull for Sacramento keeping the Kings or for Seattle for getting oh-so-close, but yet oh-so-far-away from seeing their hoop dreams become a reality, only to watch them implode into a nightmare with the Kings staying put.

But now it is Seattle’s turn to rejoice, a celebration that would easily come with an expansion team. That has always been Hansen’s aim and it does not look like the hedge-funder has any plans of letting up.

Seattle Post Intelligencer

One month ago, the NBA’s Board of Governors rejected Hansen’s plan to buy the Kings (for a $625 million bid) with a 22-8 vote. Next steps following that unfortunate denial for Hansen and company was to target the end of the NBA Playoffs as a timetable to re-visit talks with the league about an expansion team in Seattle.

It looks like those discussions are already underway and could be another important step in Chris Hansen knocking down a huge shot for every Sonics fan around the league.