Report: Thomas Robinson trade ‘potentially imminent’

The Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls are three teams talking to the Houston Rockets about trading Thomas Robinson.  According to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, talks have intensified to the point that a deal might be "imminent."  What the Rockets are asking for in return is pretty simple.

The Rockets would want to move Robinson without bringing back corresponding salary to clear enough cap room to offer a max contract in free agency next month. They would have to clear roughly the equivalent of Robinson’s contract next season to have enough cap room to offer Dwight Howard his maximum salary.

Last week, ESPN's Marc Stein wrote Houston was looking for a first round pick in return for last year's number five overall pick. According to Stein, Houston would draft an international prospect and keep him overseas for a year. That way, said prospect's contract would not be on the books and the cap space would remain cleared for a potential free agent this summer.

Robinson still has three years left on his rookie contract, is already a very good rebounder and willing defender.  Any of those three teams would be good landing spots. Cleveland can offer the 19th pick and have the space to absorb his contract. Chicago has the 20th pick but no space. San Antonio has the 28th pick and space to absorb the contract. They could also offer Matt Bonner's partiall guaranteed contract, which would get Houston where they want to be salary cap wise.

Really you just hope whoever trades for Robinson keeps him for longer than six months. He deserves better than what he has gotten so far.

Photo: Fannation