Source: Calderon drawing significant interest

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images/ZimbioOne point guard that is not garnering nearly as much attention as someone like Chris Paul or Brandon Jennings is Jose Calderon.

But just because Calderon’s name has not been spreading through media reports like wildfire does not mean teams are not paying attention to the 31-year-old Spaniard.

Per a league source, Calderon is visiting with multiple teams and is looking to latch on to a championship contender. The Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks have all expressed interest in Calderon, the source said.

One scenario that has been discussed is the possibility of a sign-and-trade deal between the Detroit Pistons and Rockets that would send Jeremy Lin to Detroit, sources said. Currently this scenario lacks any significant traction, but it is widely known that the Rockets are looking to move Lin and center Omer Asik.

The Rockets are planning around the acquisition of Dwight Howard, as they remain very confident that they can land the 27-year-old All-Star. This means that they are also looking for a good balance of young talent and veteran players such as Calderon.

While the Rockets, Hawks, and Knicks have all made their interest in Calderon clear, one source speculated that the Los Angeles Lakers would be open to a sign-and-trade with the Pistons if they were to retain Howard. Los Angeles’ actual level of interest in Calderon is unclear at this point, but that would be an interesting fit to say the least, as there were rumors at the trade deadline about Calderon possibly heading to the Lakers. At that time, however, the rumors had little truth to them.