Stephen A. Smith: Knicks threatened Shumpert trade over summer league

Great teams often have great owners, and that does not always mean owners who are willing to spend money. It also means owners who have cool heads and who do not interfere with team business over silly things.

You know, owners like James Dolan in New York.

The Knicks have been varying degrees of "messy" in the Dolan era. His obsession with Isiah Thomas, letting competent front-office men like Donnie Walsh walk, and now, apparently, threatening to trade Iman Shumpert in a vindictive response to a disagreement over summer league.

Deadspin got the following video from Stephen A. Smith's interview with Dwight Howard, in which Smith casually drops that tidbit before recording the conversation.  The problem is, the interview was being beamed back to ESPN via satellite, and someone intercepted it. 

I often take what Stephen A. Smith says with a grain of salt, but this seems like something he genuinely knew and was not going to report.  Unfortunately for him, he forgot the first rule of television: THE MIC IS ALWAYS HOT!  If you're wearing a microphone, be prepared for what you say to make it out there, somewhere.  

This is not necessarily a "bombshell," but it is yet another indication that the Knicks are, and will always be, a mess with Dolan at the helm.