Thunder sign Derek Fisher

Image: SI.comIt is déjà vu for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Just like they did last year, the Thunder have signed veteran point guard Derek Fisher for the stretch run of the regular season and the playoffs.

The Thunder had an extra spot for a guard on their roster after trading Eric Maynor to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Last year, Fisher played in 20 regular season games for the Thunder and all 20 playoff games, providing a valued commodity to a young team: playoff experience.

Fisher was not on any roster at the start of the season, but he joined the Dallas Mavericks at the end of November when they needed help at the point guard position. He played in nine games with the team before injuring his knee and asking to be released so he could spend time with his family.

"The recovery time [from the knee injury] will be approximately two weeks,” Fisher said back in December. “With this news and the difficulty I have been having being away from my family, I have asked the organization to waive me so I can return home… I have made decisions in the past, leaving money and opportunity on the table, and I will need to do that again. My family is my priority and that is where I choose to be. I won't close the possibility that I will play again; however, for now my family and being close to them remains the priority."

Either the Thunder made a really good offer or Fisher’s family was getting on his nerves (kidding, of course).

I am not sure if the Thunder signed the 38-year-old veteran for his skills or they just like the thought of a guy with five championship rings in their locker room. Fisher’s leadership ability is well documented and probably a big reason why he is the head of the NBA Players Association.

My guess is that he pitches in a few minutes here and there, but ultimately is just a cheerleader. He is not going to bring too much to the Thunder, but with the way they are playing right now, they might not need much to return to the Finals.