Video: Magic offers one million to Lebron to be in the dunk contest, James may do it too

One million dollars!

That is what Magic Johnson is willing to offer Heat's LeBron James to participate in the next Slam Dunk Contest in New Orleans. Why? Because recently during pre-game warmups, James was breaking out some fantastic dunks which prompted everyone to scream at him for never participating in the dunk contest.

James teased fans in the past and the way things are shaping up, it seems fans may never see LeBron put on his dunking flare. However, 

Enter Johnson. Johnson said on air on ESPN that he will fork over one million dollars if James dunks and it seems money is a great motivator. James is reportedly considering to take up on Johnson's offer.

James told ESPN reporter Lisa Salters before the Miami Heat played the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden Sunday that he always thinks about getting in and said he didn't have a response yet to Johnson's offer.