Video: Things get heated between Carmelo, Garnett on and off the court

The Boston Celtics may have beat the New York Knicks last night in MSG but it was what happened after the game that is on everyone's lips.

During the game, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett were jawing with one another, playing physical and even picked up double-techs during the game.

Clearly these two were not going to back down and check out how it went down on the court.

Garnett loves to draw in opposing players and get into their heads with his constant trash-talking and Melo took the bait. However,  Melo wasn't done letting KG know exactly how he felt and didn't leave it on the court.

After the game, not only were there reports Melo went into the Celtics' tunnel looking for more action where the two got into a scuffle, he had to be restrained from going after KG when he was waiting for him near the team bus. Check out the video.

Good thing nothing happened but I am sure the NBA might have something to say about Melo's conduct. 

However, if you saw the game, throughout the contest KG was taking shots at Amar'e Stoudemire and Melo , as the leader, had to stand up for his teammate and himself. He had to let KG know he can't get away with it.

Yes, Melo may have done it the wrong way, but this is something his teammates will appreciate knowing their star has their back.

What do you think CC readers? Where do you side in this drama?