Who did it better? DeAndre Jordan vs. LeBron James

YouTube/New York Daily NewsBrandon Knight and Jason Terry both have been the victims of humiliating dunks courtesy of Clippers' DeAndre Jordan and Heat's LeBron James respectively.

Both dunks were absolutely filthy, worthy of being named Dunk of the Year but only one can be chosen tops between the two.

Each have their similarities and differences. Jordan's alley-oop dunk over Knight was explosive, Knight went sprawling to the court as if in agony and Jordan grimaced after to signal even he knew it was sick.

James' alley-oop dunk was just as explosive, and sent Terry crumbling to the court, but James added a stare down to send "The Jet" a message he has been grounded.

So weigh in Crossover fans. Which dunk was nastier: Jordan's or James'?

Jordan's dunk over Knight:

James' dunk over Terry:

So who did it better? Jordan or James?