Bobcats launch paint site to promote Al Jefferson

Award season can get pretty wacky with teams searching for ways to promote their team and promote their players for certain awards — just look up Kevin Love glass cleaner.

The Bobcats are back in the Playoffs for the second time in franchise history and want the world to recognize their best player, Al Jefferson. So what did they do? They sent out gallons of paint and launched the promotional Web site Big Al’s Paint with stats and information promoting Al Jefferson for an All-NBA team.

Indeed, Jefferson does have a smooth finish and an All-NBA grade.

The packet the Bobcats sent out to various reporters included a bucket of paint, a pamphlet with Jefferson’s stats and qualifications, swatches of Jefferson in Bobcats colors (including aggressive orange and drop step blue) and a brush and towel. I do not believe there is actual paint in that bucket, that would be just ridiculous.

Jefferson has long toiled in the obscurity of the NBA, but has always been one of the best post players in the league. He is a force offensively and has expanded his game. He has anchored the Bobcats out of the basement and into the Playoffs (likely) this season. Entering Friday’s game, Jefferson is averaging 21.6 points and 10.4 rebounds per game this year. The Bobcats have been playing extremely well since the All-Star Break too.

But is Jefferson good enough to make an All-NBA team this year?

Blake Griffin, LeBron James, Paul George, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Bosh, Zach Randolph and Kevin Love will all have something to say about his spot on the All-NBA team as a forward. Marc Gasol, Joakim Noah and Dwight Howard will say something about his spot at center. It looks like Jefferson might be an odd man out.

At least the Bobcats came up with a great promotion. It should beat the Rockets’ beard-grooming kit to promote James Harden…

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