CC video of the day: Rose hoping to be on the court this season

With the 2012-13 NBA regular season coming to a close, the Chicago Bulls are currently sitting at the fifth spot in the East playoff run but one can only imagine how much a better record the team might have if they had Derrick Rose for the full season.

At 42-34, this team with a healthy Rose may have been a great challenge for the Heat in the East and although he has been cleared for some time now, Rose has not stepped on the court this season.

Many are speculating he is refusing to play this season and step back next season but in a video interview with the Chicago Tribune, Rose says it is quite the opposite.

Getting Rose back in time for the playoffs would be interesting if he can get back to his All-Star form before his knee injury. Just his presence on the court would be a huge boost to the morale for Chicago and present a threat to Miami should they face in the playoffs.