Craig Sager’s son a 100% match for bone marrow transplant

“Friday morning was the big Sager meeting we’ve been waiting for with the doctors on whether or not he would need the bone marrow transplant and when that would be. We found out I was a 100% match last week, which is rare, so we were anticipating a transplant sometime next month. The meeting confirmed and my Dad will start another round of chemo next week. He’ll get a week off and then he’ll do one more week of chemo leading up to the transplant. The purpose of the chemo is basically shutdown his immune system so he can take mine and regrow a new one. It will be a long recovery and a tough one, but my Dad seems ready. His first chemo did it’s job and he’s A+ according to the doctors heading into this stage of the recovery.”

Craig Sager Jr. to Stephen Anderson of Project Spurs

To say the least, this is very very good news in Sager’s recovery from the acute leukemia that has kept him off the sideline for the Playoffs. Meanwhile, his great foil, Gregg Popovich, is in the Finals where Sager, Jr. is predicting a Spurs win in six.