Everyone trolls LeBron as he opts out, enters free agency

Oh, here we go again.

LeBron James is a free agent once again as he has reportedly exercised his early termination option in his contract. That means the Decision is back on with only a little less fanfare as the first one. And probably much fewer disappointed Cleveland fans.

There is a little more faith this time that James will keep his talents exactly where they are, but free agency can be a wild game. Someone could swoop in and get his talents.

I mean it could be everyone, right?

Yes, that is LeBron James in every single NBA team’s jersey. The madness has begun as everyone wants a piece of LeBron James. That goes across sports too:

Whoa boy, this is going to be a long free agency.

In all likelihood, James will re-sign with the Heat in mid-July and all will settle down. Now the Melo-drama. . . that could be interesting.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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