Help Wanted: Spurs looking for new A/C operator

The 2014 NBA Finals will go down in history for many memorable moments.

Such as the Spurs winning title No. 5 in franchise history, the last games played by LeBron James with Miami, James infamous cramping moment in Game One, and speaking about Game One . . . the night the AT&T Center’s air-conditioner blew out.

Game One had fans sweating it out, players drenched, and temperatures rising well near 100 degrees. It was unbearable.

So it is a good thing the Spurs are looking for a new A/C operator in the offseason (h/t Project Spurs).

via Black Sports

Having a fully functional A/C is very important not only for the paying fans in attendance ut for the players to not get some serious health issues. You know like dehydration. Ask LeBron.

And if you are thinking this ad is due to the Game One A/C incident, think again.