Let LeBron James answer the biggest coaching connundrum

Coaches wonder all the time whether to go for the three and the tie or the quick two and foul.

As analytics seep more and more into coaching decisions, it is important we all understand just what the numbers say about these situations to inform ourselves. Coaches should at least.

A while back, LeBron James wanted that answer and so he and his foundation posed the question to the Khan Academy. They explained that answer in detail in the video above.

OK, that might make your head hurt a little bit. But did you learn something from it?

That is the whole point of Khan Academy. Their belief is that the human brain is a muscle and it needs to be pushed and exercised like any other. The whole idea is to post lessons online that explain an exercise or a concept before challenging students to complete that exercise themselves.

Is the Monte Carlo Simulation a bit too much for you?

James, in association with Khan Academy and the LeBron James Foundation posted several other questions posed by James himself involving basketball, including how Newton’s Third Law of Physics applies to shooting, why sweating cools you down and what muscles you use to actually shoot a basketball.

There are tons of other lessons on Khan Academy to workout out your brain. Definitely check it out! You can learn anything!

Find out what you can learn at KhanAcademy.org.

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