Louis CK kills LeBron James, Heat in sitcom

I have to ask Louis C.K. . . . . are we sure it wasn’t Paul George? Or Joe Crawford?

On this week’s episode of Louie on FX, a devastating hurricane wiped through Florida and killed off LeBron James, the Miami Heat . . . and about 12 million others. They are clearly not important.

Since I do not watch the show (hate away Internet), I do not quite know what the plot point was in killing off the two-time defending champions. But that would certainly help the Spurs, Pacers and Thunder in their quest to win the title this year.

After last night, in which James played only 24 minutes amid foul trouble, it makes you wonder exactly what would be the best way to stop James. A hurricane might not do it. Some ill-timed calls might be the only way.

Game Six is Friday night in Miami.

[h/t Awful Announcing via South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Philip Rossman-Reich

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