NBA Store offering refund for Andrew Wiggins Cavs jerseys

Last week, it became a harbinger of things to come when the NBA Store pulled Andrew Wiggins Cavaliers jerseys off their store and they were no longer available for sale.

Thursday Wiggins Cavaliers jerseys became a collector’s item — like my Steve Francis Vancouver Grizzlies card — when the Cavaliers traded the top overall pick to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love. That deal will not become official until August 23, a month after Wiggins signed his rookie contract.

If you do not want your collector’s item Wiggins Cavaliers, the NBA is offering refunds if you bought it from the NBA Store:

OK, that is not much of a refund. Usually the first thing you do with new clothing is rip off the tags. And many fans probably bought the jersey from the Cavaliers directly or other jersey proprietors. That probably means it is up to the seller on whether to take jerseys back or exchange them for a Love #42 (or even a LeBron #23).

I guess it is better than not being able to get a refund. Then again, who else can say they have the jersey for a potential future star who never played for the team of his jersey?

And who is to say Wiggins will never wear that Cavs jersey in your NBA2K15 fantasy draft?

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