Report: Greg Oden facing felony charge

Well this can’t be good.

Former No. 1 NBA Draft pick, Greg Oden, is now facing a felony charge after he assaulted his girlfriend after drinking.

Court documents filed today say the 7-foot-tall, 285-pound Oden is accused of punching Christina Green in the face three times and fracturing a bone in her nose.

His mother, awoken by the commotion, had to pull the former No. 1 draft pick off his bloodied former girlfriend to bring the incident to an end, documents state.

Oden, 26, was charged today in Marion Superior Court with one count of battery resulting in serious bodily injury, a Level 5 felony, as well as misdemeanor charges of domestic battery and battery resulting in bodily injury.

His felony offense carries a penalty of one to six years behind bars.

Granted he is innocent until proven guilty, but this just might be the nail in the coffin for his career. It would be tough for an NBA squad to take a chance on a free agent accused criminal and physically broken player.

Oden has battled countless knee injuries which kept him off the court for countless seasons.

Last year he played for the Heat and saw action in spot minute but never displayed the kind of play that made him the No. 1 overall pick by Portland.

Oden was calm and cooperative with police, court documents state.

He is quoted as saying: “Thing go out of control, and I started to go after Christina. My mother and Toni tried to hold me back, but I swung my arms to move them out of the way and then punched Christina in the face. I was wrong, and I know what has to happen.”

Green also told investigators that he only stopped hitting her when he saw blood on her face, documents state.

No way this gets to a jury.

Expect some sort of plea deal to be done from Oden’s attorneys.

Though this will put domestic violence more in the forefront especially with the Ray Rice incident hovering over the NFL.

(Source Indy Star)