Team Canada responds to Jason Whitlock being ridiculous

Jason Whitlock likes grabbing headlines. He says some really dumb, stupid things and we pay attention because they are dumb and stupid.

His latest pointless diatribe was against Andrew Wiggins and his being from Canada. Whitlock’s latest baseless, and completely bigoted, claim is that Wiggins “struggled” at Kansas because players from Canada do not want “it” enough and are not driven to be great like players from the United States or from Europe (I thought European players were not tough enough or want it enough, am I confusing my ridiculous stereotypes again?).

The bottom line is there has not been a Canadian with this much potential as Wiggins. Two-time MVP Steve Nash (who is still playing at 39 by the way) certainly wanted “it” enough and played really well. And let’s not forget, Wiggins was an 18 year old played on a pretty veteran Kansas team. Isn’t it possible he is still realizing just how talented he is and was not ready to rattle the cages of older teammates?

We can all find our own storylines and reasons for why Wiggins did not average more than 17.1 points per game and 5.9 rebounds per game as a freshman at Kansas in the Big 12. We will have to give the kid a chance at the NBA stage.

So what of the claim against Canadian basketball players? Let’s ask Team Canada, who is preparing for an exhibition tour through Europe ahead of the FIBA World Cup (which the team did not qualify for. . . they are still a young squad).

From Ryan Wolstat of The Toronto Sun:

Carl English, who at one point led the Spanish ACB League in scoring: “They say different things like that. We have many athletes in many different sports that can excel at many high levels,” said Carl English, a 33-year-old guard who has led the Spanish ACB, the world’s second-best league, in scoring.

“I think Wiggins gets put out because he’s not always super aggressive, but the kid is extremely talented and if that is the only thing you have to teach him, you have an easy job.

“He’s super gifted, he’s incredibly humble, I’d rather deal with a kid like that than a guy that thinks he’s Michael Jordan and never accomplishes anything. For me, I think it’s not a true statement. If anything we’re extremely hungry, I think the Canadian mentality is a hockey mentality. We’re going to fight until the end. I just think that’s a bogus statement.”

Don’t mess with hockey guys, Jason Whitlock. Canada was laughing pretty hard at their lack of aggression to a gold medal in the Sochi Olympics.

Anyone else?

Steve Nashtwo-time MVP and likely NBA Hall of Famer: “It’s a wonderful sweeping generalization. Really good. Hit it on the head there. Our hockey team lacks a lot of competitiveness and determination for sure.”

Seems like we are all in agreement. Jason Whitlock is a twat.

That would be an English insult. Their stereotype is they are too prim and proper, am I right?

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