Cavs interested in Carlos Boozer again?

“I think the Cavs actually might take a look at Boozer if the Bulls amnesty him and his $16.8 million salary for next season, though I don’t think it would be popular with fans. Mo Williams never wanted to leave Cleveland, but the Cavs really don’t need another small guard.”

Mary Schmitt Boyer of the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Interesting answer from the esteemed Boyer during her mailbag over at

Carlos Boozer literally stabbed a blind man in the back according to some Cleveland fans. The story goes that Boozer had promised then-Cavaliers owner Gordon Gund he would re-sign with the Cavaliers in 2004 if they did not exercise their team option on him after the Cavaliers made him a second round pick. Boozer shined in those first few years. The Jazz threw around $30 million at him and he left.

There were sore feelings when Boozer first returned.

If the Bulls indeed do amnesty Boozer and move on from him and his contract, then the Cavaliers would be an interesting way to bring things full circle.