Enes Kanter wants out of Utah

Enes Kanter and the Utah Jazz were pretty chummy for a long time, but things started deteriorating this off season when Kanter and the Jazz decided not extend his contract. The team already gave Derrick Favors an extension so they decided to see how Kanter panned out as a full-time starter. Well, it seems we have that answer now. Kanter said after a recent loss to the Mavericks that he hoped to be traded by the deadline on Thursday. However, it seems unlikely the Jazz give him up unless an “amazing offer” pops up as Adrian Wojnarowski describes it:

There’s still some time to make moves and there a couple teams interested in the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics. Kanter is upset because his time has been decreasing throughout the season thanks to the emergence of Rudy Gobert a.k.a the “Stifle Tower.”

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