Wizards’ Beal has some choice words for Kyle Lowry

Well Wizards’ Bradley Beal really is about getting he best of Raptors’ Kyle Lowry isn’t he? In the recent Wizards-Raptors playoff game, Beal totally made Lowry’s defense look silly as he hit the paint and make the bucket. Of course that got Beal charged up and directly challenged Lowry by dropping f-bombs as he talked […]

Somehow Wall made this shot

It might be safe to say Wizards’ John Wall is pretty good. Need proof? Against the Raptors tonight, Wall decided he would drive into the lane and make a seemingly impossible shot go right through the net.  

Watch Hawks coach Budenholzer get emotional about winning COY

Well this will probably make you get choked up a bit. Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer won the 2015 NBA Coach of the Year Award today after guiding the Hawks to the top record in the East in what started as a potentially turbulent season with the Danny Ferry incident. Yet despite coach Bud’s success with […]

Monty Williams has an issue with fans being fans

File this under “Really?” Pelicans head coach Monty Williams apparently didn’t appreciate Warriors fans being fans. You know, cheering their home team, making noise to rally their team, trying to make the opposing team nervous, and just showing their Warrior pride. Oh but not Monty. He has to be the wet blanket because apparently he […]

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Well this could have really gotten out of hand. Bulls’ Mirotic and Bucks’ Pachulia almost got into a tussle as the two were fighting for a loose ball and let’s just say, if these two realllyyyyy got into it, it would have been one epic fight. Considering Pachulia’s temper, and Mirotic’s size, it would have […]

Bulls’ Butler has no regard for the laws of gravity

I thought the Earth had this unseen force called “gravity” that binds objects, and people to the ground. Well for Bulls’ Jimmy Butler it seems he doesn’t have time to obey the laws of gravity and showed it versus the Bucks in Game 2 of their series. While going for the block on the Bucks’ […]

John Wall’s block on Lowry is nasty, filthy and ego-crushing

The Wizards and Raptors got the 2015 NBA playoffs going and John Wall made his presence known but not on the offensive end, but on the defensive end. Toronto’s Kyle Lowry was going for the layup when out of no where Wall comes flying in to send Lowry’s shot back and into oblivion. My favorite […]

Well this video will get you ready for the West playoffs

To say the West playoff field is stacked would be an understatement. All of the Southwest Division is in the field, the defending champs Spurs are back in it to attempt their first repeat, young teams like the Clippers and Warriors look primed to strike and so much more is at stake in the loaded […]

OKC’s Westbrook says scoring title doesn’t mean a thing to him

OKC is officially out of the postseason thanks to a season of injuries and the Pelicans beating the Spurs to secure the final spot in the West postseason. However, guard Russell Westbrook won the NBA’s coring title but according to Russell, the title doesn’t mean a thing. Speaking to the media after the Thunder’s win […]

Video: Pelicans celebrate making it into the postseason

The Pelicans clinched the 8th spot in the West postseason by beating the defending champs Spurs last night in New Orleans. With the win, the Pelicans make it into the playoffs for the first time and will draw the top seed in the West – the Warriors. After the huge win, the Pelicans celebrated in […]

Joey Crawford tumbles and it’s hilarious

Right off the bat, am I saying seeing elderly people fall to the ground and risk injury is a good thing. However seeing the ever-grumpy NBA ref Joey Crawford take a spill in the Toronto-Charlotte game, well, it was hilarious. See he was fine. He popped right up.

Check out the new Bucks logo

The Bucks are in the postseason and they are celebrating by releasing a brand new logo which in my opinion, it is totally awesome! The Buck looks more fierce and the alternate logo of the state of Milwaukee is a nice touch. Notice the “M” below the Buck’s chin. See it? Well done Milwaukee! Well […]

Utah’s Cotton proves size doesn’t matter

As the great and wise Yoda once said, “Size matters not! Judge me by my side do you?” And that’s exactly what Utah’s Bryce Cotton proved versus the Mavs as he defied gravity and slammed down an alley-oop like a boss! Wow! Just wow! Right on the Mavs’ bigs.

And now the debut music video of ‘Spurs!’ by ‘Spuran Spuran’

Brace yourself for perhaps the more random thing you’ll see today. What do you get when you cross 80s hair band with Spurs’ Matt Bonner, Kawhi Leonard, Patty Mills, Aron Baynes and mascot the Coyote? Well “Spuran Spuran” of course! Check out the release of the music video which included Baynes in KISS makeup, Bonner […]