Whatever Kobe Bryant Decides to do Does Not Matter, Except it Does

Will or won’t Kobe Bryant decide to retire at the end of the 2015-2016 NBA season? That seems to be the question on a lot of people’s minds. Whether they are lovers of Jelly Bean Jr., people who prefer him to disappear like a fart in the wind, or general salary-cap heathens, I understand what […]

The NBA Summer League is a Sports Fan’s Best Option

It is a weird time in the calendar year to be a sports fan. Many are still coming down from the highs that were the NBA Finals, the United States Women’s Soccer Team winning the World Cup, and some other — eh — notable (Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, I am looking at you!) sporting […]

Sam Hinkie Is a Genius: Proof Through Philly’s Draft Night

Sometimes being a revolutionary means the person doing the innovative maneuvers has to face much criticism. Traditionalists questioning a new stratagem. Conventional thinkers cast doubt on any other theory yet to be proven as a law normally practiced. You get the drill: Being first is often not worth the push-back. Tradition, despite often redefining itself and […]

Offseason Madness Starts With The Hope of The NBA Draft

While others try mightily, through various means, only one team per season gets to the pinnacle of the NBA. Most recently, the Golden State Warriors and their plethora of talent, built mostly through the NBA draft, traveled to the mountaintop of the sport. Yet, that was so yesterday (or Tuesday). What have they done for […]

Not a Failure: LeBron James Took Cleveland to Great Heights

The NBA Finals are over. Golden State can now go celebrate its accomplishments , as Cleveland is left to wonder what might have been after a valiant effort fell two victories short of one of the greatest upsets in NBA history. That’s neither here nor there for the Cavs. If a person outside that locker room […]

What Exactly Would People Like David Blatt to Do?

Before the NBA Finals started, few were expecting the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the series. In fact, many predicted Golden State to win in a mere five games or even by simply sweeping the Cavs. That has obviously not happened, with much of the — deserved — credit going to LeBron James, yet people are still […]

Why Are We Talking About Matthew Dellavedova in Absolutes?

Matthew Dellavedova has had a pretty wonderful NBA Finals through four games. The undrafted Saint Mary’s guard (in what is now a well-documented story…) has become a household name over the last handful of games because of his defense on Steph Curry. While the league MVP could certainly look inward and blame himself for part […]

Miami Heat Need Not Worry About Dwyane Wade

Very rarely are offseason transactions about anything other than basketball. Yet, because of their own promises to Dwyane Wade over the last few seasons, that is exactly where the Miami Heat find themselves. According to popular thought, Wade took a pay cut to stay with the Heat to bring LeBron James and crew into the fold. […]

Why Was Timofey Mozgov on the Bench in the Second Half?

It is amazing how a win can overshadow the use of a highly questionable strategy. Such was the case in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night in Oakland. A bounce of the ball in a different direction, a made uncontested dunk by Golden State Warrior reserve Marreese Speights, or LeBron James not […]

Pump The Brakes on Blaming LeBron James For Game One

I guess we are back at it again, doing a thing we did during his original run with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a method which has made many a pundit solids amount of loot. Yup… the human species has reverted to form and decided that every reason the Cavs lost Game 1 of the NBA Finals […]

This NBA Finals Should Be Consumed By All (Even Non-Lovers of Hoops)

The NBA Finals are nearly upon us (finally). It is truly a glorious time for those who love guys in shorts playing a game that revolves around humans lobbing a ball toward the general direction of a hoop. There’s obviously a bit more to it than that, but who cares about the semantics of it all, […]