5 Burning Questions: Georgia Bulldogs

Mark RichtYesterday, it was the new-look Florida Gators. Today, we move to the other side of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party with some insights about the Bulldgos from the distinguished gentleman from Georgia, Senator Blutarsky, the mind behind Get The Picture and the Mumme Poll.

1. Mark Richt’s job status is the topic du jour surrounding Georgia football. Is the coach showing any signs of cracking under the heat or changing things up to appease the masses?

Cracking under the heat, no. Changing things up to appease the masses? Absolutely. He’s clearly aware his seat has grown a bit toasty. If it helps him focus what it takes to get Georgia back to playing winning football, that’s hardly a bad thing, though.

2. Just how badly do you think all the attrition at tailback will hurt the ‘Dawgs in the fall?

That’s hard to say without seeing how Isaiah Crowell handles big boy college defenses. Most people think that what Georgia will miss the most from the departures is Caleb King’s ability to handle blitzes, and there’s something to be said for that. But it’s not like anyone who is now gone didn’t make us miss Knowshon Moreno. Crowell has the ability to change that. The other unknown at this point is how well Mike Bobo adapts to his personnel.


3. One of the issues in moving from a 4-3 base defense to a 3-4 is the difference in personnel requirements, especially up front. Does Todd Grantham now have the kinds of players he needs to make that D work?


More of them, anyway. If the two nose tackles live up to expectations, I expect the defense to have its best year in a long while. It’s worth mentioning that there’s also been a personnel transition in the secondary unrelated to the scheme, in that the new secondary coach likes a very different type of defensive back than Willie Martinez did.

4. Cocktail Party aside, Georgia has its two biggest games of the year right off the bat. Is that a good or bad thing?

Well, the South Carolina game has always come early and has almost always been a struggle in the Richt era. It is what it is. As for the Kickoff Classic, I think it’s just what the doctor ordered. The program needs a high profile game at the start of the 2011 season. It gives preseason preparation a focal point and allows the team an immediate opportunity to wash the bad taste of that ugly bowl game loss out of their mouths. Not to mention that Georgia needs the opportunity to redeem itself in the arena of public perception. Getting the Boise State game arranged was a solid move by Greg McGarity.

5. What would be the most surprising headline about Georgia football that you could possibly see in tomorrow’s edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution?

Georgia moves Richard Samuel from linebacker back to…” oh, wait a minute. Try this: “Richt abandons pro-set offense for Airraid: Fires Bobo and Hires Mike Leach“. Now that would certainly shock a few folks.

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