The Funniest Picture You’ll See All Weekend

One of the absolute best things about running a site like this- bar none- is getting to interact with the fans. You all are our voice, and do more to keep us informed and in the loop on what’s being discussed in the college football world than any of Joe Schad’s “sources” ever could. For that, we are truly grateful.

It’s also because of the fans, that we are occassionally tipped off to things that we otherwise wouldn’t know about. One of those things is the picture linked below. It’s from a reader named Chad W. in Tuscaloosa, and it shows every SEC coach for the 2011 season seated together at what was presumably SEC Media Days.

Of course if it were just another picture, we wouldn’t have linked. But ohh, it’s not just any picture. Rather than let the name and faces speak for themselves, this fan has decided to give his or her own interpretations about the coaches, and the outfits they’re wearing.

Basically, from here, I’ll just let the picture do the talking for me.

Either way, let’s just say that this picture is Crystal Ball Run’s gift to you. Happy Holidays!

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