Top 10 SEC Games Of 2012

Talk about SEC speed. We haven’t even finished the 2011 season, but the college football’s baddest conference has already put out its 2012 conference schedule.

After a thorough analysis, CBR has already come up with next season’s 10 best SEC games.

10. (tie) Florida at Texas A&M; Georgia at Missouri – Sept. 8

The Aggies and Tigers get their SEC baptisms in the second week of the season. Both host traditional league powers in a gesture to show the newcomers how grateful the conference is to be gaining such bountiful TV markets.

8. Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville) – Oct. 27

The Bulldogs return to Jacksonville in the unfamiliar position of owning bragging rights in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Florida coach Will Muschamp would be best advised not to allow Georgia to be in the same position come 2013.

7. Alabama at Arkansas – Sept. 15

The Tide rolled all over the Razorbacks this year. Here’s Arkansas’ chance for some revenge.

6. Georgia at South Carolina – Oct. 6

The Dawgs and Gamecocks have squared off in the second week of the season in the last few years, but the game is going to be bumped back to October in 2012. The winner should have the inside track for the East Division title.

5. Florida at Tennessee – Sept. 15

Nick Saban disciples Derek Dooley and Will Muschamp have yet to match their mentor’s prowess as a head coach, which has left some Gator and Vol fans feeling restless. The winner of this game will feel the heat on his seat dissipate at least a few degrees.

4. South Carolina at LSU – Oct. 13

Steve Spurrier lives for games like this.

3. Auburn at Alabama – Nov. 24

The Tigers took a step back in 2011, and Bama let them know about it. Auburn will look to avenge this season’s beatdown on the last week of the 2012 regular season.

2. LSU at Arkansas – Nov. 24

It’s 11 months away, but this already sounds like a fantastic clash of offense versus defense. The Hogs always tend to play LSU tough in Arkansas.

1. Alabama at LSU – Nov. 3

These intra-division foes are likely to be the top two teams in country when the 2012 preseason polls are released. If familiarity truly does breed contempt, the third meeting of these programs in the span of a year should produce another nasty game.