2012 Bloguin Heisman Poll Week Seven

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Week seven of the college football season was a tough one for our Heisman leader Geno Smith. Smith and his teammates traveled to Lubbock and got ran out of the stadium by the Texas Tech Red Raiders. How would that affect Smith's standing with contenders like Collin Klein, Braxton Miller and Manti Te'o all putting up wins?

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*Poll notes that look at some of the interesting facts, figures and trends of the poll.

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Without any further adieu, the Bloguin Heisman Poll…

1) Geno Smith (QB-WVU) – 25 Points, 37.88%,  7 1st Place Votes

Last Week BHP Ranking = 1

Last Week: 29/55, 275 yds, 1 TD

Season: 195/259, 2271 yards, 25 TDs, 0 INT; 1 rushing TD, 75.3% completions

This Week: vs No. 4 Kansas State

*He's still out in front, but not by much. With a pedestrian 275 yards, 1 TD performance in a 49-14 blowout in Lubbock, Smith has let the field back into the conversation. But we learned with RG3 last season that as long as you are putting up big numbers, undefeated seasons really don't matter. And if WVU can finish the season with 1 or 2 losses, then Geno should be lifting the hardware come December.

– Hamilton Riley, Lambeth Field

*Okay, he didn't set some unbelievable record this week and his team lost. But Smith still has completed 75% of his passes and has 25 touchdowns and ZERO interceptions on the season.

– Marty Valania, Nittany Lions Den

2) Collin Klein (QB-Kansas State) – 17 Points, 25.76%, 2 1st Place Votes

Last Week BHP Ranking = 3

Last Week: 16/24 for 187 yds passing, 105 yds rushing, 3 rushing TD

Season: 79/118 for 1079 yds passing, 7 passing TD, 2 INT, 67% completions, 515 yds rushing, 10 rushing TD

This Week: at No. 13 West Virginia

* Klein continues to be the engine that drives Kansas State's team. His toughness and excellence are only matched by his consistency. He may not have the flashy passing numbers as some other candidates, but he gets my vote as the winner of this award at the season's halfway point. Seriously, where would Kansas State be without him?

– Kris Brauner, Saturday Night Slant

* Followers of Big 12 football realize that under Paul Rhoads at Iowa State, Ames has become a scary place for visitors, especially favorites. Klein was cool under fire against the Cyclones and repeatedly led the KSU offense down the field to beat back ISU's efforts to grab momentum. He remains the most valuable player in college football, and it's not really close right now.

– Allen Kenney, Blatant Homerism

3) Manti T'eo (LB-Notre Dame) – 12 Points, 18.18%, 2 1st Place Votes

Last Week BHP Ranking = 5

Last Week: 11 tackles

Season: 59 total tackles, 3 INT, 1 fumble recovery, 2 TFL, 3 PBU, 3 QB Hurries

This Week: vs BYU

*I haven't seen a linebacker mean this much to a team in my lifetime. With Smith having a horrible football game why not Te'o. It's not as if the offensive guys are putting up anything ridiculously crazy anyway.

– Andrew Coppens, Madtown Badgers

4) Braxton Miller (QB-Ohio State) – 8 Points, 12.12%, 0 1st Place Votes

Last Week BHP Ranking = 2

Last Week: 13/24 for 211 yds passing, 2 TD, 1 INT, 149 yds rushing, 1 rushing TD

Season: 96 of 159 for 1271 yds passing, 11 passing TD, 4 INT, 912 yds rushing, 9 rush TD

This Week: vs Purdue

*It's time to give Braxton his due. He's the best run-throw quarterback in the game right now and if Ohio State actually goes undefeated it might be hard to not give him the nod.

– Tom Perry, Eye and Eer

Also Receiving Votes:  Johnny Manziel (QB- Texas A&M) 2 pts, De'Anthony Thomas (RB-Oregon) 1 pt, Stephon Jefferson (RB- Nevada) 1 pt

Dropped Out:  Jadeveon Clowney (DE- South Carolina), Matt Barkley (QB- USC), AJ McCarron (QB- Alabama), Jordan Lynch (QB- NIU)

Poll Notes

– Last year after week six, Andrew Luck was the leader in our poll with 27.78% of the total votes. Russell Wilson was the runner-up at that point of the season.

For the fourth consecutive week Geno Smith stayed at #1 in the poll but this was the first week that his lead decreased instead of increasing as he lost 10.12% of the vote.

– Braxton Miller and the Buckeyes had a tough time with lowly Indiana and as a result Miller fell from second to fourth in the poll.

– Manti T'eo was the big winner this week as he rose from fifth to third and increased 14.18% after his defense stoned the Stanford Cardinal on the goaline.

– The second highest riser was Kansas State QB Collin Klein and his rise to #2 in the poll means that this week the #1 and #2 Heisman contenders will face off as the Wildcats travel to West Virginia to meet up with Geno Smith and the Mountaineers in what will be a can't miss game for Heisman (and college football) enthusiasts.

For Your Consideration: Johnny Manziel (QB – Texas A&M)

*Vaulted into the discussion with six total touchdowns against Louisiana Tech's admittedly porous defense. By the way, in terms of total touchdowns, Manziel (24) only has two less than Smith (26) on the season.

Aaron Torres- Aaron Torres Sports

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