A New Kickoff Game? This Time With a Twist

Kickoff games are becoming more and more commonplace, with the vast majority of them being for profit. However, with the announcement yesterday of the newly redone Heart of Dallas Bowl there's also a new game coming for 2013 – this time with a twist: an emphasis on giving back to the community that hosts the game.

I had a chance to sit down personally with Conference USA Commissioner and organizer behind the Heart of Dallas who clued us into a brand new kickoff game for the 2013 season featuring Army vs. Louisiana Tech. It's going to be called the Heart of Dallas Classic, which they plan on doing annually, beginning with that game.

What makes this unique is that all of the events, whether it's the bowl game, concerts, or The Heart of Dallas Classic will have the money earned all goes back to local charities in Dallas. That's right, a concept surrounding college football that isn't about making a buck for the people putting on the event, but benefiting the community it's housed in.

I think this is a concept many of us can get behind and support. For more information on the organization please visit them here.

It's a novel concept and if you want to know more about the event you can check out my full interview with Conference USA Commissioner Britton Banowsky here.

Andrew Coppens

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