For just $3, you can go to the ACC Championship Game!

It’s no secret that for years, the ACC simply hasn’t been able to keep up on the field with conferences like the SEC, Big XII and Pac-12.

And apparently now, they can’t keep up at the box office either.

That became painfully obvious on Monday morning, when CBS Sports’ Eye on College Football pointed out that for the low, low cost of just $4, you can get yourself a ticket to this weekend’s ACC Championship Game! You heard correct: For what it costs to buy a Bud Light at your neighborhood bar and grill, you can watch two of college football’s best teams do battle with a BCS berth on the line.

Well, ok. One of college football’s best football teams anyway. Georgia Tech isn’t exactly holding up their of the bargain in this one.

Here’s what CBS Sports had to say about things:

Do you live within a few hours drive of Charlotte, North Carolina? Are you looking for something to do this Saturday night? Well, if you've got $5 available to spend, I've got some good news for you.

That $5 can get you a ticket to Saturday's ACC Championship Game clash between Florida State and Georgia Tech. And you'll still have $1 left to spend afterward!

That's right, if you go to sites like StubHub right now, you can find a ticket to the ACC Championship Game for $4. Like this one in Section 510 Row 24 of Bank of America Stadium. The fee for electronically downloading the ticket is $4.95.

And actually, since CBS first posted their report, the price has now dropped.

That’s right, you can now go to the ACC Championship Game for just $3. It’s a fesitivus miracle!

Now in defense of the ACC, a lot of the problem with this year’s game is, ahem, the match-up. This game always has trouble filling seats whenever Virginia Tech or Clemson isn’t in it (each is within a three hour drive of Charlotte), and at 6-6, Georgia Tech isn’t exactly the kind of name-brand that is going to get the locals riled up either. Not to mention the Yellow Jackets aren’t exactly a convincing opponent to get Florida State fans to make the trip up from Tallahassee either. Especially when they can save the money and go to the Orange Bowl a few weeks later instead.

As a matter of fact, with all the struggles they’ve had filling seats at this game in years past, you’ve got to wonder if the ACC might consider adopting the Pac-12’s policy and playing this championship game at the home venue of the higher ranked team.

It’s just a hunch, but I’m guessing it costs more than $3 to see Stanford play UCLA this weekend, right?   

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