Nick Saban thinks the media should ‘get everyone involved in the game’

Nick Saban
"I'll show you where you can shove that microphone…"

College football’s ruling tyrant, Nick Saban, is ordering you, members of the media, to spare him all your love and adoration.

On the heels of his team’s dismantling of Michigan over the weekend, Saban berated the hacks in attendance at his Wednesday media session, letting them know that he would prefer “if you'd just get everybody involved in the game.” Don’t believe it? has video of the coach’s impassioned plea for a more egalitarian distribution of praise.

(Note that he was “trying to be nice about it.”)

Saban’s scolding undoubtedly sent some members of the Alabama press corps running for their cubicles so that their peers wouldn’t witness their tears of humiliation. Others got the hint. Take the second reporter to address the Nick-tator, for instance – apparently does give a rat’s ass about a Western Kentucky linebacker.

So, wordsmiths, keep that in mind the next time that Alabama and its inferior body of work might need your help to get a second shot at the Crimson Tide’s own conference’s champion in the national title game after losing (at home) to that team in the regular season. Apparently, Saban wants you to save your adulation for someone else.