Bill Hancock Named Executive Director of New Playoff System


It has been reported that BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock has been named to the same post for the new playoff system. Hancock has been the head of the BCS since 2009 and arguably has been the most open and honest director the BCS has ever seen. He brings years of experience at various big time collegiate championship events to the post as well, having been the head of the Final Four for 13 seasons.

So come January 6th, 2014 the work of a man who continuously has said college football isn't in need of a playoff will indeed end in the finals of a playoff. 

"Bill Hancock is exactly the right leader to guide this exciting and historic transition to the new college football playoff," Charles W. Steger, president of Virginia Tech and chairman of the Presidential Oversight Committee said in an official release. "He shares our commitment to student-athletes, the importance of the regular season, and preserving America's college football bowl tradition. The Presidents, Commissioners, and all of us who care deeply about this great game are very pleased that Bill will continue to serve."

You've got to give Hancock credit as he is one of the nicer and more open members of the college football hierarchy, but boy is this guy a glutton for punishment or what? 

It's understandable why the currently Presidents would want Hancock to stay on, after all it gives this current group a sense of continuity, yet it's more than a little ironic that the man that once fought so hard to keep the playoffs from happening will run the show.

Twitter says it all these days and there isn't anything we could say here that hasn't been put best in 140 characters or best, so here is the best of what twitter is saying about this hire and the pure irony in this hire happening:

While it may be true that Hancock is now in charge of selling us a system he repeatedly fought against, let's also remember it was his job to represent the thoughts of the Presidential Oversight Committee and not just himself. 

There's no doubt the next few years are going to be a wild ride for us college football fans as we head down the road to the "yet to be named" (insert corporate sponsorship here) playoff. 

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