Caption contest: Dana Holgorsen goes shootin’!!

It’s no secret that we here at Crystal Ball Run have a bit of an affinity for West Virginia football coach Dana Holgorsen. West Virginia’s beer swillin’, casino fightin’, score running upin’ (ok that last one’s a stretch) head ball coach is simply one of the most fascinating men in all of sports, let alone college football.

And today, we received further proof of that, when the picture below showed up on our Twitter feed, courtesy of the handle @ClarenceOveur1.

Simply put, the picture made our day, and quite possibly made our college football off-season. After all, there are so many questions about this picture, beyond just “Why the heck is Dana Holgorsen holding a musket.” For example, why the heck is he holding a musket on a golf course? Why is he wearing sandals? Who is the strange man teaching him the West Virginia musketing ways? And maybe most importantly, where does Holgo carry his road beer when he’s always wearing mesh shorts?

These, are some of life’s great questions.

Regardless, it’s time to have some more fun with Coach Holgo… with another caption contest!

For those who aren’t familiar with a caption contest, the premise is simple.

All you’ve got to do is go down to the comments section, and give us the best caption for this picture. It can be serious, funny, absurd, whatever, just as long as it’s not vulgar, we’ll accept it. And after a few days we’ll pick a winner of the best caption on this picture, with the winner will receive a free copy of the new West Virginia football book “Waiting For Next Year” by Mike Casazza, on us. It’s that easy, that simple, and the book can be yours.

And because we’re all friends, here are a few captions to get things started:

“Man, putting up 70 on Clemson wasn’t half as fun as this!”

“This thing has more firepower than half the offenses in the Big East. Suckers!”

“This is definitely the most fun to get rid of empty Red Bull cans… EVER!!!”

“I haven’t gotten a rush like this since I doubled-down on fives at the Mardi Gras the other night!”

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