Care For a Soak, Chip Kelly?


What do you get for the college football coach who has everything? 

How does a private hot tub next to your office sound? 

That awaits Chip Kelly – along with a built-in waterproofed video center, so he doesn’t lose sight of the important stuff – at Oregon’s new palatial football facility slated to open in 2013. Other amenities include a skylink between the football center’s two buildings and dedicated classrooms for specific position group meetings, according to a Register-Guard article detailing the building plans revealed in filings to the city of Eugene. 

The new facility comes courtesy of super-booster and Nike head honcho Phil Knight and his drunken spending spree on UO athletics that is going on 15 years. Borrowing from the numerous global crises that Knight has no doubt averted in his time with Nike, the Ducks will have access to a White House-style war room  for planning sessions.

Other features include not one, but two movie theaters and a museum/shrine to Oregon football. The price tag: $68 million.

(Is it me, or does that actually sound somewhat reasonable, all things considered? Yet, another part of Kelly’s recruiting pitch: “Come to Oregon, it’s cheap as shit!”)