CBR Uni Madness – Final Four!

Just like the men’s basketball championship tournament, we’ve reached the Final Four of CBR’s Uni Madness!  This past week saw voting in our Elite 8 round.  Say what you will about the Big Ten’s bowl record (ok, it’s downright awful), but they’ve donimated our uni bracket.  Three of our four Final 4 teams hail from the Big Ten while the other representative hails from the SEC.  That counts for something… right?  Here were the results:

East Region: #1 Penn State d. #3 Florida 70.3% – 29.7%
South Region: #4 LSU d. #6 UNC 52% – 48%
Midwest Region: #1 Michigan d. #3 FSU 57.7% – 42.3%
West Region: #2 Nebraska d. #8 Michigan State 69.9% – 30.1%

We’ve reached our Final Four round and voting will be open until Wednesday night before Thursday’s Final.  Both matchups are below for you to vote.

Your task is simple, tell us whose look carries more swag.

#1 Penn State (Blue/White) vs #4 LSU (White/Gold)



#1 Michigan (Maize/Blue) vs #2 Nebraska (Red/White)



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