Don’t mess with Texas (viral videos)

Don’t mess with Texas? More like don’t produce YouTube videos, Texas.

Texas A&M fans are excited about being in the SEC as well as ready to say hello to their new rivals from Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia, Tennessee etc. To do so Texas A&M found some Aggie students to join Dr. Bowen Loftin to record a brief video for the rest of the SEC. The premise is relatively simple with Texas A&M students running down each cheer heard throughout the SEC. If this sounds kind of lame, well, it is. Observe…

Of course, this Texas A&M video comes not so long after we all got a glimpse in to the orientation at the school replacing the Aggies, TCU. If you remember, TCU released a video of an orientation for new students in which TCU students and guides organized a painful adaptation of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. If you have no idea what I am talking about, well, brace yourself…

Yikes. Maybe you folks in Texas are enjoying that Dr. Pepper a little too much. The sugar has clearly affected your better judgement across the state.

So what do we make out of all of this? The intentions in both situations are well-suited. Texas A&M is trying to smooth the transition in to a conference in which the fans largely seem underwhelmed with the decision to add Texas A&M. TCU tried to hit on what has become, perhaps reluctantly, the theme for the summer of 2012. Sometimes these motives work, but in these two examples it looks to have become a major fail more than anything else.

But we’ll leave that to you to decide. Which school’s viral video is MORE of a failure, Texas A&M’s SEC cheers or TCU’s pop culture bomb? Leave a comment below with your vote and thoughts.

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