Floyd Mayweather cashes in big on Alabama

Entering this weekend’s mega-showdown that wasn’t between Alabama and Michigan, there were plenty of stories that captured the attention of college football fans. How would Nick Saban’s defense handle Denard Robinson? How would Michigan hold up against the Crimson Tide’s running game? How much would Floyd Mayweather lose betting on the Wolverines?

Wait, what?

Oh yeah, that last one happened, as reports surfaced all week long that Mayweather- the undisputed pound-for-pound best fighter in the world, and notorious sports bettor- had laid a heavy sum of cash on Michigan to cover the two touchdown spread. How much? Some reports indicated it was upwards of $3 million.

Talk about sweating out a game, huh?

Except it appears as though there’s a reason they call Floyd, “Money Mayweather,” and it has nothing to do with his calm demeanor in the ring.

Nope, apparently Floyd pulled a fast one on us, and if the picture above (courtesy of TerezOwens.com) is any indication, actually laid some heavy action on Alabama, and not Michigan. For those of you scoring at home, yes, that is 50 Cent holding all Floyd’s winnings for him.

Safe to say that if this picture is real (and there’s reason to think it isn’t), that Mayweather and 50 had themselves one hell of a Sunday fun day this afternoon, huh?

Either way, I guess the only question that has to be asked is this: Who does Floyd like in next weekend’s Florida-Texas A&M game?

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