Hog-tied! Bobby Petrino out as Arkansas head coach

Bobby Petrino
Woo, pig… Ten days after a joyride on his Harley with a non-wife female companion almost turned deadly, Bobby Petrino is out as head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, according to ESPN’s Joe Schad.

Petrino put his employer in a tight spot last week when it was discovered that he had lied about who was riding his hog at the time of the accident on April 1. It didn’t help his case that he admitted he was trying to keep an “inappropriate relationship” under wraps, or that he had hired his passenger to work underneath him a week earlier.

Petrino’s 21-5 record in the last two seasons undoubtedly made this a harder decision than it should have been for Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long and the rest of the university administration. The Razorbacks have a fan base that is underrated on the “dedication” scale. A group of Petrino’s supporters even took to the streets last night in a show of solidarity with their embattled head Hog.

Ultimately, though, Petrino’s subterfuge, which isn’t exactly out of character for a coach who stole away from the Atlanta Falcons in the dark of night, undoubtedly did him in. Petrino’s detractors, of which there are plenty, are no doubt reveling in his downfall.

You have to wonder how long Petrino will remain sidelined from the coaching world. While his coaching acumen ranks among the nation’s elite, embarrassing your boss(es) with a cockamamie story that you knew would eventually be discredited won’t look too good on the old resumé.