Johnny “Football” Haircut adds to crazy SEC fandom

We've all seen crazy SEC fan before. You know, the guy that gets the Bama logo tattooed on his back or the guy that poisons a long standing tree because the rival team won a national championship. But, what do you get when you mix crazy SEC fan guy and crazy Texas A&M football guy? Apparently you get a Johnny "Football" Manziel hair cut.

Seriously, I'm not sure where to go with this one. I mean, artistically it's a hell of a feat to accomplish and all. But, on the other hand how the hell does this kid walk around with this on his head and go to wor…. oh, hell who am I kidding, this kid ain't got no j.o.b. to speak of. At least not one in the real world where you actually have to look presentable and go to this thing called an office. 

You do have to applaud the dude that made this haircut cause it really does look like Johnny "Football" and all, but this is taking crazy SEC fan to a whole new level to say the least.

Andrew Coppens

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