LA Coliseum plays host to USC…and adult videos?

Cover any sport and you come across weird stories. After a while, you think you’ve seen it all, heard it all, and that there is literally nothing that can surprise you. And it’s usually at that point which a story comes along that is so bizarre you think to yourself, “Man, that’s so strange, even a Hollywood movie studio would never think to make it.”

Well, it’s safe to say we have one of those stories today, and it’s actually kind of funny I mention a “Hollywood movie studio,” since this particular story does involve a hallowed college football landmark, and the production of a “movie.” Of course if it were any random movie, that wouldn’t make the news here at Crystal Ball Run.

Instead, what makes this story so unique is that…well…how do I put this delicately… well, that movie was a porno. And it was shot at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Yes, I’m being serious: An adult movie was shot at the LA Coliseum, home of the USC Trojans football team. And while we’ll omit the specific details of the movie itself, what we will tell you is that it’s called “The Gangbang Girl #32” and that you can probably pick it up at any seedy adult video store near you.

Again, I couldn’t make that stuff up, and instead, I’ll let the Los Angeles Times explain from here:

The filming at the taxpayer-owned stadium was done at night, with the Coliseum’s towering lights blazing and its rows of distinctive red and white seats framing many of the scenes. The video also shows the stadium’s signature tunnel, which the Trojan team charges through at the start of games, as well as a sliver of the iconic peristyle, the arched entrance to the Coliseum.

And you all thought that Lane Kiffin was up to no good at the Coliseum, huh?

In all seriousness though, this is one of the more truly bizarre stories we’ve seen here at Crystal Ball Run since starting up this website a year ago. It also leads to so many questions: Who gave approval to film the movie? Given that the video was shot at night, who turned on the stadium lights? And maybe more important than anything else, if the video was shot in 2001, how come nobody found out about it until now? You’d think some sex-deprived college football fan would’ve flicked on the TV, saw this movie and said to himself (or herself, I suppose), “Wait, isn’t that the Coliseum?” Apparently though, that never happened.

Regardless, this news is interesting, especially given all the turmoil surrounding the Coliseum of late. It has been a political battleground in Los Angeles, with- as the LA Times article mentions- six people recently indicted on a number of charges, including corruption, embezzlement and bribery surrounding funds for the stadium. Former Coliseum General Manager Patrick Lynch resigned a year ago, is now paying back $385,000 in kickbacks he got from a contractor.

And it’s in large part because of the corruption that USC actually took over the day-to-day operation of the stadium itself just a few weeks ago. The school now has to pay the $1 million a year mortgage on the property, and has vowed to make over $70 million worth of upgrades as well (apparently now they’ll have to add a few bucks to take care of a couple bizarre stains found on the field).

Still, this story remains fascinating on so many levels, and apparently above all, there is still one man enthralled by it: None other than one of the stars of the movie himself, named Mr. Marcus.

He told the LA Times:

“I was just in awe that we were at the Coliseum. I’ve made movies for about 20 years and I’ve done a lot of things, but that one really stands out.… I mean, who gets to have sex on the Coliseum floor?”

Apparently, USC’s football players aren’t the only ones who’ve experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the Coliseum.

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