Lattimore Injury Inspires Great Moment of Sportsmanship

No matter your rooting interests most fans never like to see injuries to either side of the game and unfortunately in the South Carolina vs. Tennessee we witnessed one of the most gruesome knee injuries in a long time as Gamecocks star RB Marcus Lattimore would blow out his right knee on a nasty tackle.

We'll spare you the video of that one as it's about as bad as this writer has seen since the Joe Theisman leg break live on Monday Night Football way back in the day. It was that bad.

But, sometimes something good can come of a bad situation and that's exactly what happened after this injury. Nearly the entire South Carolina and Tennessee benches cleared to surround and support Lattimore:

It's moments like this that remind us as fans that this is just a game, but it's also moments like this that also show the humanity and sportsmanship that can make college football one of the greatest games on earth.

We wish Marcus the best in his recovery and we'd like to congratulate the student-athletes on both sides for showing the respect and admiration for their fellow player. That sight truly was inspirational and hopefully uplifting to Marcus on his long road to being back.

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