Les Miles gives commencement speech. Hilarity ensues!


For almost 18-year-old anywhere in the country, the single happiest moment of their lives comes on high school graduation day. But what if, in addition to the cap and gown, diploma, and getting to hear Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” on loop 2,500 times in a row at your graduation party, you were lucky enough to also get a commencement speech from your school’s most famous alum, and arguably the real “Most Interesting Man In The World”?

The 2012 graduating class of Elyria High School in Elyria, OH got exactly that this weekend, when 1972 Elyria High School graduate Les Miles gave a surprise commencement speech. Miles played offensive line (as well as wrestled and played baseball) at Elyria before moving on to Michigan, and of course, a coaching career.

As for the commencement speech, according to the Chronicle Online of Lorain, OH, the idea came earlier in the week from Miles himself, when he was touring the new Elyria High School with some friends. He then suggested to Elyria principal Thomas Jama that he say a few words at graduation.

So what did the Hatter have to say to the 430 graduating seniors? Something about life, love, and following your dreams?

Of course not. Have you met Les Miles?

Instead, he imparted this pearl of wisdom, per the Chronicle Online:

“Operate with swagger. Swagger really means style.I’ve never met an Elyria High graduate who didn’t have style.”

No seriously, he said that. Didn’t we tell you Miles is the single most interesting man in the world? No wonder every high school kid in the country wants to play football for him.

In all seriousness, most of the rest of Miles’ speech was pretty tame, including his pitch that the most important thing in life is to enjoy what you do. “If you’re going to work at a gas station, get there early and get it right,” Miles said.

And of course, Miles did have one more Les-ism for the crowd, before departing, talking about some of his old flames from his time at Elyria. According to the Chronicle Online he told the crowd “his old girlfriends still looked really good — just a little older.”

Even in the off-season, Miles remains the most interesting man in college football.

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