Les Miles would like to let the NFL scouts know which players are lazy via a sign





Les Miles is a coach that doesn't neccesary follow the norms of coaching and here is yet another example. He wanted to send a message to his team that would spark them to be better team players instead of selfish individuals. He listed all the players that didn't attend practice and always had an excuse. The list of players and why they are not allowed to talk to NFL Scouts are listed after the jump.

The sign lists the selfish players as…

  1. Jonah Austin
  2. La'el Collins
  3. James Wright
  4. Spencer Ware
  5. Anthony Johnson
  6. Micah Eugene
  7. Dwayne Johnson
  8. Tharold Simon
  9. Kwon Alexander
  10. Sam Montogomery

You can read the sign to the NFL scouts. It is pretty serious. Les Miles is sending a message to the players leaving for the NFL that they need this Chick-Fil-A Bowl win and they need to focus. The LSU Tigers face the Clemson Tigers in the Georgia Dome on December, 31st 2012. We'll see if this unusual tactic actually works for Les or if the ACC can sneak in a bowl win on the SEC.

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(H/T Corey Long)