LVH SuperBook releases Games of the Year lines and win totals

The LVH SuperBook, the nifty new moniker by which the Las Vegas Hilton’s sportsbook is now known, got college football gamblers’ juices flowing Sunday by releasing not only its Game of the Year point spreads, but win totals on 35 teams as well.

LVH is posting its numbers with some significant lag from its Vegas competitors, as the release of the Golden Nugget’s GOTY lines and Cantor’s win totals came weeks ago. As such, LVH has had a little time to see how the market reacted to those early offerings. You can also suss out a few differences in opinion relative to the early market-makers:

*LVH is pretty clearly taking a position on Alabama and LSU. Whereas the Nugget opened their Nov. 3 contest in Baton Rouge with the Crimson Tide getting two points, LVH has the game as pick ’em.

*The same goes for the Pac-12 rivalry between Oregon and USC. LVH has USC giving just three at home to the Ducks, while the Nugget opened at USC -6.

*Another eye-catching disparity: Florida State and Virginia Tech. The Nugget opened with the Hokies as a small one-point favorite in their Nov. 8 game in Blacksburg, with early action pushing the line to FSU -3. LVH pegs that one as FSU -4.5.

*LVH’s approach with Oklahoma, having set the Sooners’ win total a full game higher than Cantor at 10.5, is interesting. That puts OU on par with Alabama, Oregon and USC.

The twist: Cantor has the juice on over 9.5 wins set at -190. LVH, meanwhile, is -150 on the under at 10.5.

*LVH doesn’t seem too jazzed about West Virginia’s prospects in the Mountaineers’ first year in the Big 12. The ‘Eers are eight-point underdogs at Texas in early October, according to LVH. The Nugget set the opening line at WVU -4.5. There’s a similar 3.5-point discrepancy at play in the Oklahoma-WVU game.

Both Cantor and LVH have WVU’s win total at 8.5. However, Cantor the over at -160, while LVH has the over at +115.