Marvel’s next superhero: The Mad Hatter?

Les Miles
It’s a bird… It’s a plane… Is it Nick Saban?

No, it’s none other than THE MAD HATTER—maybe?

Today, LSU SID Michael Bonnette tweeted out a picture of LSU football coach Les Miles and Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics chief creative officer, stating: “Coach asked for a part in his next movie.”

This got me thinking: What strengths and weaknesses would the “Mad Hatter,” be he a hero or a villain, have?

Strengths and Powers


*Controlling the line of scrimmage.

*Grass-eating, you know, for the protection of all you hastenburaphobics out there.

*An impeccable sense of timing, enabling him to hit the scene on the heels of his superhuman rival SABAN. 

*The ability to recruit new 17-year-old superheros and charm their parents in a single bound.


*Linguistics, pronunciation and communication.

*Time management.

*Aversion to punting.


*Inability to break in hats.