Michigan to sit RB Toussaint versus Alabama

Brady Hoke

Michigan coach Brady Hoke waited until just about the last possible minute to announce today that running back Fitzgerald Toussaint and defensive end Frank Clark will be held out of the Wolverines' opener against Alabama.

Quick question: Seeing as both offenses took place in July, what took so long to come to a decision on this? Smells like a little gamesmanship. Nick Saban and Kirby Smart are undoubtedly somewhere in the bowels of JerryWorld right now scrambling to adjust, their months of planning now foiled.

Of course, if you're really cynical – and I am – you might think Hoke was milking this for some positive P.R.

I'm sure Pretty Boy Floyd and his nonsense $3 million bet on the Maize and Blue are furious right now.