Morning Playbook – Big Ten still playing Nintendo, others want Xbox 360

Remember when UCLA football mattered?

The Big Ten, perhaps rightfully so, is on the receiving end of a bunch of blows nationally today. A media conference call held yesterday probably did more harm than good, causing Pete Fiutak to call it a “disasterous conference call.” The logic and thought-process being shared to represent the Big Ten pleased nobody it seems, as we learned that the Big Ten would vote for the status quo before actual change in the postseason future, and a plus-one model was favored before a four-team playoff. It all comes back to protecting their relationship with the Rose Bowl, with Jim Delany restating the fact that the Big Ten values some things (Rose Bowl) more than others. But through it all, the Big Ten sees some common ground in the playoff future, as Stewart Mandell writes.

The Big Ten’s loyalty to the Rose Bowl is partly admirable but mostly ridiculous. It is clear that the Big Ten is hoping to cling to the game because of the history and tradition with the game, and that is what they place the most emphasis on. I understand, to be honest. I would still prefer to play a game on my Super Nintendo when everyone else was moving to Sony PlayStation or SEGA Dreamcast. And my brand loyalty to Nintendo had me buy a GameCube when everyone else was buying a PS3 or Xbox 360.

The Big Ten is also swimming in riches, sharing a record high of $284 million between its 12 members, and seeing ad revenue jump 20 percent on the Big Ten Network, now available in more states outside of the Big Ten’s footprint than inside.

As you hopefully have seen by now, it is Heisman Week here at Crystal Ball Run. Matt Barkley is our official favorite for the trophy this season, but be sure to check out the odds and place your bets wisely.

Speaking of Barkley, one of his back-ups is transferring.

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It looks as though individual cities will be allowed to bid on the hosting rights for the new national championship games in college football, similar to the way cities place bids for the Super Bowl. Detroit? They’re interested. The home city of the MAC Championship Game and Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl would love to add a national title game to their calendar. Detroit has hosted two Super Bowls, most recently in 2006.

The SEC is adding the Independence Bowl to their lineup for 2012 and 2013 seasons. That gives the conference ten bowl tie-ins. A spot in the game was given up by the Mountain West Conference, who opted for BYU’s spot in the Armed Forces Bowl. BYU is under contract to play in the Poinsettia Bowl this season, as long as they are bowl eligible.

This is why football players should avoid playing recreational basketball. Texas freshman lineman Camrhon Hughes is done for the year with a torn ACL, an injury that took place while playing a pickup game of hoops. At some point, will college football scholarships come with a stipulation that a kid cannot play basketball, the way some free agent contracts in the NFL do? It would not surprise me.

Former Miami Hurricane offensive guard Brandon Washington says he regrets leaving Miami early for the NFL Draft after being drafted in the sixth round. That’s called not doing your research kids.

John Mellencamp’s son is walking on at Duke. Question. If he had been given a scholarship, would people be up in arms about it?

Remember David Carr? His brother, Derek, is following in his footsteps at Fresno State. Will he be the first overall pick of the Houston Texans in a couple years as well?

This may be the new Arkansas road jersey. Is this the new all-black uniform for Arkansas? Also, Bobby Petrino’s golf gear was donated to Goodwill.

College football in Scotland exists.

Ohio State suspended Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort following their weekend arrests.

Michigan’s recruiting has been something else. Add another four-star prospect to the bunch.

Hawaii has a crush on the Pac 12. That’s cute.


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